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           \__ \/ __/ _ \/ / / __ `/ ___/  / / / / / / / _ \/ /
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         /____/\__/\___/_/_/\__,_/_/     /_____/\__,_/\___/_/  build 0922

    A multiplayer game using smart contracts on Signum cryptocurrency. Created with SmartC.

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    SD 10590.44: Contract minor upgrade, resulting squad 022 buffed. Battles will be restarted at SD 10591.

    SD 10583.61: Contract in maintenance. Expected to come back shortly. Players can join or leave, but no battles during this time.

    SD 10071.67: Contract deployed. Battles to start at Stellar Date 10087.

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Neat stats

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Decision room Command

Add funds (Signa)..:
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Quick guide

Game rules

  1. You can join the game adding at least 10 Signa. When you join, your default squad is 000. Be quick to set a better one.
  2. Choose three battleships for your squadron. There are 5 types with custom features. You will find their specifiations on Spaceyard.
  3. You can leave the game and get your balance back anytime, but not if you are engaged in a battle.
  4. You can change your squadron anytime, but not if you are engaged in a battle.
  5. You can fund your player anytime.
  6. Every message costs 1 signa to be processed by Stellar Duel contract. This is the activation fee. Transactions with amount lower than this value will not be processed.
  7. Stellar Duel answer every command with a status message. Error codes are shown on next topic.
  8. You can simulate battles on VBR - Virtual Battle Room.
  9. Fights will start every block ending in 00. This is new stellar day. One duel takes 7 blocks to be completed. If there are more than 8 players, more than one duel happens consecutively in same stellar day.
  10. Stellar duel sends a message when you start to fight. When a battle ends, you receive a message with result and your balance updated.
  11. It is roughly expected that you have 2 battles per day if there are less than 8 players, or 1 battle per day if there are more players.
  12. Maximum number of players is 64.
  13. The duel cost 10 signa for each player. The winner will receive 15 signa. If all battleships are destroyed or if a player is not defeated in 20 minutes, it is considered a draw and players will receive back 7.5 signa. Stellar Duel holds 5 signa as battle fee.
  14. If your balance drops below 10 signa after a battle, the game is over. You will receive a transaction with your remaining balance and total score.
  15. Battles will happen only if there are 3 or more players.
  16. Players are selected randomly. There is a chance to fight more than one time in same stellar day, if there are more than 8 players.
  17. Collected fees are paid as dividend for SmartC NFT owners.

Stellar Duel error codes

  1. Command not found. Ensure to send a command in text. It must not be encrypted.
  2. join: To join the game you must send at least 11 Signa: 10 for minimum balance and 1 for contract activation fee.
  3. join: You already joined the game.
  4. join: Can not join. No more slots left.
  5. set squad, fund, leave: You are not in the game. Join the game before sending another commands.
  6. set squad, leave: You are currently in a battle. You cannot change squad or leave game.
  7. set squad: Error parsing squad. Use only numbers from zero to four. Squad must have 3 number.
  8. Your command was not understood. Ensure to send it as text and do not use spaces before or after the command. Commands are lowercase letters only.

Transactions monitor

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Stellar date to player date

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Player date....:

Battleship building company

There are five types of battleships you can order. Each one has special features
and weaknesses. Choose wisely! Keep in mind the nearby fleets to get the best
combination possible.

Supressor . || . Code........: 0 . | || | . Shield......: 14 GW :%%%%%00%%%%%: Fire delay..: 2 minutes ' | || | ' Weapons.....: Regular weapon's power rerouted to shields ' || ' Special ft..: Choke bomb that scramble firing codes on enemy ships, increasing fire delay in 3 minutes on Armored, MRF and Specular battleships. Assault Code........: 1 /\ Shield......: 4 GW |/[]\| Fire delay..: 1 minute '-HH-' Weapons.....: Fast laser beam. Deals 3 GW damage Special ft..: This unit has reinforced weapon systems that is not affected by choke bombs Armored /| |\ Code........: 2 H|\ /|H Shield......: 9 GW H|-A-|H Fire delay..: 5 minutes I-H|=H=|H-I Weapons.....: High power proton emitter. Deals 4 GW damage VWwWV Special ft..: Defensive procedures have priority for the crew MRF - Multi role fighter .i i. Code........: 3 || || Shield......: 7 GW ||MM|| Fire delay..: 4 minutes I-|++|-I Weapons.....: High power proton emitter. Deals 4 GW damage \VV/ Special ft..: Balanced priorities for defensive and offensive procedures Specular .-'''-. Code........: 4 / .-"-. \ Shield......: 5 GW | |888| | Fire delay..: 3 minutes \_'-'_/ Weapons.....: Gamma ray generator. Deals 2 GW damage Special ft..: The specular shield can reduce in half the damage of regular weapons and even reflect a quarter of incoming damage back to the enemy!
   Sh FD  Sh FD  Sh FD

   Sh FD  Sh FD  Sh FD


Tachyon Detection System

Use the system to detect nearby fleets. If you suspect something:

Battles archives

Check all previous battles and their results. Winners are marked in green. Losers in red and yellow if it was a draw.

Intelligence reports

You check new messages and there is a reply from Stellar Freedom Alliance.

Damit! It is encrypted.

Maybe if you were logged in...

Stellar Dual page style

The perfect retro experience! Use zoom level to 100% to avoid font distortion.

Node info

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Nodes list

Featured nodes

Load the list of featured nodes on This list is refreshed every 30 minutes.

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